Date Archives: 2020


Spanish Word Stress: A Quick Guide

Word Stress in Spanish (acentuación) is one of the most confusing topics regarding Spanish pronunciation. It becomes particularly troubling, of course, when we learn a word by reading it and have never heard it before. Fortunately,...

May 14, 2020


What is coming next in Forvo?

Many of you have shown an interest recently in what we are currently working on in Forvo and we wanted to share with you the things are coming the following months. Specifically, we are working hard on three different aspects: On the one...

February 8, 2020


How to master the French accent

Usually, people who endeavour to learn a language do so in the hope of being well-understood by its native speakers. Where French is concerned, that hope borders on need – the French revel in the exquisiteness of their language; they do...

January 30, 2020


Most visited words of 2019

Forvo, the world's largest pronunciation dictionary, has released its list of the most consulted words of 2019. Can you guess what words or names we could be talking about? In fact, an audio accessory is at the top of this year's list....

January 2, 2020